Ticket to the future
National ticket operator Kassir.ru, Radario ticket system and Everscale blockchain platform have teamed up!
Now we are issuing NFT tickets together
NFT token (non-fungible token) - is a unique digital certificate that is stored in the blockchain, guarantees the originality of the item and gives exclusive rights to it.
When making a refund, the NFT ticket disappears
You can go to the event either with an NFT ticket or with a regular one. you will not be able to use both formats at the same time
The NFT ticket remains forever as an interesting memory, and it can always be found in Surf on your wallet
How do I find my tickets in NFT format?
  1. Install the TON Surf app on your smartphone
  2. In this email you will find Sid the phrase to activate. Enter it when entering Surf
  3. In the search box, enter the debot address below
Install Surf
Deboth address:
Instructions on how to find your Surf ticket here